Bright Club App

Bright Club App

In 2019, I embarked on an exciting journey to redefine how young Bulgarians experienced discounts and offers. The Bright Club App project presented an incredible opportunity to fuse design creativity with a user-friendly platform, and it was a privilege to lead the design aspect of this transformative initiative.

Crafting Digital Experiences

As the designer behind the Bright Club App, I was tasked with creating an interface tailored specifically to students and individuals under 30. Every aspect of the design, from functionality to aesthetics, was meticulously crafted to cater to this unique audience and ensure they could access discounts effortlessly.

Designing Convenience

My goal was clear – to make savings more accessible than ever for young Bulgarians. The design had to convey the simplicity and efficiency of the app, ensuring that students and individuals under 30 could easily navigate through discounts.

Experience the Bright Club Difference

My role in designing the Bright Club App was about shaping an app that catered specifically to the preferences and needs of young Bulgarians. It was about creating a design that was not only visually appealing but also intuitive and user-focused.

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