synevo print and social media design

As a solo web and graphic designer, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Synevo Bulgaria (in 2019), a prominent name in the medical laboratory industry. My journey with Synevo Bulgaria has been a testament to the transformative power of design in the healthcare sector.

Engaging Social Media Designs

In the era of digital communication, Synevo Bulgaria recognized the significance of a compelling online presence. My collaboration with Synevo Bulgaria primarily focused on crafting visually striking social media designs, including posts and cover photos. These designs were carefully tailored to convey the organization’s commitment to healthcare excellence, making an impact on their online audience.

Informative Brochures

As a designer, I understand that information dissemination in the healthcare industry requires versatility. My work with Synevo Bulgaria encompassed the creation of brochures in various formats to cater to distinct purposes and audiences.

  • Half Fold Brochures: These brochures strike a balance between conciseness and comprehensive information. With a simple folding mechanism, they provide a seamless reading experience.

  • Letter Fold (Tri-Fold) Brochures: Tri-fold brochures are a classic choice for presenting detailed information. They are ideal for conveying Synevo Bulgaria’s wide range of laboratory services.

  • Open Gate Fold Brochures: For a unique and visually engaging presentation, open gate fold brochures were designed. They create a sense of anticipation as readers unveil each section.

  • Two-Sided Flyers: I’ve also designed two-sided flyers tailored for specific purposes. These flyers come in different variations, each with unique text and information. Some are designed for introducing new centers, others for promotions, and more. The versatility of these flyers allows Synevo Bulgaria to communicate a range of messages effectively.

Website Banners

In addition to brochures and social media designs, I’ve created eye-catching banners for Synevo Bulgaria’s website. These banners serve as digital signposts, guiding visitors to essential information and promotions. Each banner is designed to be visually appealing, ensuring a seamless online experience for users.

My approach to design is driven by the understanding that healthcare information needs to be clear, accessible, and visually compelling. These materials serve as tangible touchpoints for Synevo Bulgaria to engage with patients, physicians, and partners, and I’m proud to have contributed to their communication strategy.


As I continue my journey as a designer, I look back on my collaboration with Synevo Bulgaria with pride and gratitude.

Explore my portfolio to discover the diverse range of projects I’ve executed for Synevo Bulgaria, each a testament to my dedication to delivering design solutions that align with the values and goals of my clients.