European Migration Network Bulgaria

Embark on a digital journey with European Migration Network Bulgaria (EMN), a pioneering platform at the forefront of migration discourse and policy. Led by a dynamic team of experts, EMN is dedicated to shaping inclusive communities and navigating the complexities of labor migration, integration, asylum, and refugee matters. The EMN Website Evolution As the creative […]


Embark on a visual odyssey through ProfiTravel’s vibrant website, a tapestry woven with hues inspired by the exotic locations they explore. The design, featuring smooth edges and lively colors, is a testament to the luxury and diversity of their high-end excursions and cruises. Voyage Through User-Centric Design The design’s smooth edges and rich color palette […]


In 2019, I embarked on an exciting project with Skyprofi, a dynamic travel agency driven by a team of passionate flight ticket sales experts. Together, we embarked on a journey to create a user-friendly and vibrant website that would not only serve as a platform for booking airplane tickets but also as a gateway to a world of travel possibilities.


Elevating Men’s Shirt Elegance In the world of men’s fashion, SirCrow stands as a paragon of sophistication and style. Renowned for their business, casual, and evening shirts that embody quality, comfort, and individuality, SirCrow is a name synonymous with sartorial excellence. My design journey with SirCrow involved discovering the essence of their brand My journey […]

Bright Club App

In 2019, I embarked on an exciting journey to redefine how young Bulgarians experienced discounts and offers. The Bright Club App project presented an incredible opportunity to fuse design creativity with a user-friendly platform, and it was a privilege to lead the design aspect of this transformative initiative. Crafting Digital Experiences As the designer behind […]


As a solo web and graphic designer, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Synevo Bulgaria (in 2019), a prominent name in the medical laboratory industry. My journey with Synevo Bulgaria has been a testament to the transformative power of design in the healthcare sector. Engaging Social Media Designs In the era of digital communication, […]

Spice Music Festival

Spice Music Festival: A Timeless Tribute to ’90s Hits As a lifelong music enthusiast, my journey into web design was fueled by a passion for bringing the world of music closer to fans. Back when I was envisioning my dream job, I knew I wanted to work closely with musicians and music-related projects. That dream […]

Gold Leads Media

Allow me to introduce you to Gold Leads Media, a captivating project that, although it never came to fruition, showcases the power of design. In 2019, I had the opportunity to work on the logo design for “Gold Leads Media.” The client’s vision was clear: a logo that exudes success and sophistication. The logo, bathed […]


Logo design: 2017 Client: FitGirls FitGirls is lady’s gym, women fitness center in Sofia, Bulgaria FitGirls is designed specifically for women and offers a full 30-minute workout, replacing a 90-minute workout in a standard gym and scientifically proven to burn up to 500 kcal. The FitGirls program includes all the major components of a highly […]


Website designed: 2017by Danish: Web designClient: Be My GuideUrl: BeMyGuide is a platform and an online adventure community that brings travelers and certified local guides together. It is a personalized adventure lab where you can choose from over 20 different outdoor activities on land, water and air, combine them with your interests, find the […]