About Danish

by Danish - Web & Graphic design

by Danish is a web & graphic design company, created by Yordanka Svilenova – Danish.
Designing and developing web sites since 2006.
Taking pictures since 2009.

Danish graduated from a Spanish Language high school, followed by a baccalaureate degree from The Technical University in Sofia, where she meets and falls in love with web design.

During the last year of her education, she interns for a Belgian web design company, closely observing and gathering html and css know-how from her experienced colleagues.

After obtaining her diploma, she bravely takes her first steps towards professional design and after more than 11 years, she still continues her journey through web and graphic design by developing exceptional web sites and web applications.

Following her many years of experience in working for different IT companies and gathering a vast portfolio of successfully completed projects as a freelancer, in 2013 Danish decides to invest in herself and shortly after that she stars her own company called “by Danish” where she tirelessly channels her creative energy. Danish provides services for a vast array of businesses, designing web sites, logos and corporate identities. by Danish works closely with experts in coding and implementation of content, web security and application development professionals, as well as professional photographers. Design is where Danish is at her best and most passionate self.

Since 2009, her photography skills play an important role in keeping her business current and always up to the challenge to provide a better service for her clients in a field as competitive and quick paced as the one of web technologies.

Keeping the flame of her internet design love alive, she decides to add fresh ideas to her design work and she takes a photography class. That step helps rediscover her designer nature and adds a valuable touch to her work – a unique eye for detail and beauty in all aspects of life.

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